Firmware & Drivers

M&C Series Amplifiers

44M v1.508 Firmware

48M v1.508 Firmware

44C v1.508 Firmware

88C v1.508 Firmware

FIR Capable Versions

44MxxF v1.508 Firmware

48MxxF v1.508 Firmware

44CxxF v1.508 Firmware

88CxxF v1.508 Firmware


ASC48 v1.462 Firmware

FIR Capable Controllers

ASC48F v1.462 Firmware


Some Linea Research products are available with additional FIR capabilities. To determine which firmware to use view the product in System Engineer, FIR capable products will show an “F” suffix on their model number. FIR capable firmware will not work in non-FIR capable products. For additional information please contact Linea Research or your local representative.

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