The Illusive Festival

September 2016 – Just 5 Linea Research 44M20 amplifiers powered a total of 42 Funktion One Loudspeakers at the UK’s popular Illusive Festival.

Taking place at Deene Park near Corby UK the Illusive Festival has moved into it’s third year and this three day event is attracting more festival goers than ever before. In their own words the “Illusive Festival is a magical world of Performing Arts and exceptional Bass Lines. Set in a truly distorted reality, it aims to push you into new boundaries of Festival Experiences. Bringing a fresh, new & friendly vibe throughout the event.”

Amongst a packed lineup 2016’s Imagination stage featured artists Fabio and Moon, Kularis, K4NE through a Funktion One system comprised of 10x Resolution5, 24x F121, 4x Resoluton3 and 4x F218. These 42 loudspeaker cabinets were powered by only 5 of Linea Research’s 44M20 amplifiers, and the results were nothing short of astonishing.

“Our four channel 44M20 networked DSP amplifier can deliver upto 5kW per channel into a 2 ohm load with all channels driven,” explains Linea Research’s sales manager Peter Collins.”This high output power coupled with our powerful flexible DSP, and unique efficient amplifier design, makes our amps a natural choice for jobs like this. In this market with it’s dense program material and extreme demands on subwoofers our ability to deliver our full rated power on a sustained basis, not just “burst”, really makes a difference.”