Linea Research FIR for Anaheim Church

Anaheim California, USA – March 2018 – When Anaheim Christian Reformed Church needed to upgrade their 10 year old sound system they turned to local specialists GLS Creative Group and Apex Audio for assistance.

Given the church’s design and architectural constrains Greg Hockman of GLS designed the system around a single center loudspeaker array comprising five Fulcrum FL283 dual 8-inch subcardioid line array modules with one CS121 21-inch subwoofer hung behind the array for low frequency reinforcement. Powering the system is a Linea Research 44C06 4x 1500W networked DSP power amplifier with Dante, programmed with Fulcrum Acoustics FIR loudspeaker processing.

“This is one of the first installations to benefit from our new FIR capability,” explains Rik Kirby of Linea Research USA. “With many companies like Fulcrum moving towards FIR for their loudspeaker processing it’s been a much-requested feature and we’ve already got quite a few projects in the pipeline as a result.”

FIR (Finite Impulse Response) processing allows for more precise frequency response correction than traditional IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) filters without the associated phase shifts while also allowing for time and phase based corrections which would not be possible with IIR.